146th Toronto Guides Program


Welcome to the new home for program resources for our Guide unit.  Here you will find the results of the program work we work on together, copies of the Lady Baden-Powell Challenge booklet as well as links to resources that you can explore on your own to find out more. 



Our unit is divided into smaller groups called Patrols.  These groups work as a team that make things happen; like group projects or carrying the flag.  Each Patrol has an elected Patrol Leader (PL) and Second (S) and together they choose their Patrol emblem.  Be sure to check your patrol pouch each week, take attendance and complete any weekly patrol challenges at the start of the meeting.  These are the Patrols for this year:

       Patrol 1     Patrol 2    Patrol 3     Patrol 4    Patrol 5     Patrol 6

PL   Rose           Leia           Angelsea  Cassidy     Ava S.         Eva V. & Isabelle G.

S     Amelia       Ava D.      Sabrina       Lauren      Isabelle S.

       Abby           Keira M.   Grace          Kateri        Ava J.          Victoria L.

       Ruby           Vivien       Zoe              Eline          Molly           Elizabeth

       Maitlyn       Ava G.      Valentina   Keira S.    Chantal 



The Patrol Leader's Job:

  • Takes attendance of her patrol

  • Leads the patrol into horseshoe formation

  • Leads patrol in regular duties such as campfire, colours (flag raising) and clean-up

  • Wears her uniform properly

  • Helps new members to feel comfortable

  • Encourages ideas from everyone

  • Leads her patrol in games

  • Is responsible for her patrol corner and patrol pouch

  • Speaks on behalf of her patrol at Unit Council

  • Shares the leadership, especially with her Second

The Patrol Second's Job:

When the Patrol Leader is not present, the Second (short for Second in Command) takes her place.  The Second also wears her uniform properly and helps new members to feel comfortable.


Patrols should share leadership and responsibilities, however each patrol is responsible for deciding how to do so.  A Patrol Leader may choose to assign specific tasks to her Second, such as taking attendance, for the entire year.

Girls First!


Our new program can be accessed online by clicking on the button below.  You will need to create a login ID for the Girls First Platform.  For more information about Girls First! 

Old Program:


New Program:

Unit Planning Session Results


Here are all of the things we would like to accomplish this year:

  • Forts and indoor snowball fights

  • Dodge Ball / Egg & Spoon Races / Loud Games

  • Splatter Painting

  • Career Day / PJ Day / Act Like an Animal Day

  • Go to different places

  • Have meetings outside

  • Edible campfires

  • Water balloon fight

  • Draw / Act / Craft

  • Food!

  • Science experiments / elephant toothpaste / cola & mentos / walk on eggs


Community Service Ideas:


Shoreline Clean Up

Places we want to go to this year:

  • Camp

  • The movie theatre

  • Sleepover at the ROM or Science Centre

We would rather...

listen to music rather than sing

be outside (but also inside sometimes)

act something out rather than talk something through

craft something instead of building something (mostly)

make our own design rather than colour in a picture

go different places instead of stay in our meeting space

draw instead of writing

get messy rather than stay clean

play active games instead of quiet games

Lady Baden-Powell Challenge


The Lady Baden-Powell Challenge is the highest award a Guide can earn.  To complete the challenge a Guide must complete all of the program areas, learn about Lady B-P and present what she learned to her unit and complete four additional challenges.


The Lady B-P challenge booklet helps our Third Years keep track of their prograss.  Click on the link below for a copy of the booklet.


A great way to learn about Lady B-P is to read her autobiography Window on my Heart.  Our unit has two copies that you can borrow.  Just ask a Guider!



Religion in Life Emblem


Membership in Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada is open to all girls and boys who wish to make the promise, regardless of race, colour or creed. The purpose of the Guide/Scout programs is to assist girls and boys in character development by

encouraging them to be responsible citizens of their country. An important part of the program is to assist in the spiritual growth of each girl or boy in their own religious community. Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada uphold the principle that

specific religious instruction is the responsibility of parents and religious authorities.

Guides who choose to pursue the Religion in Life emblem should bring the appropriate brochure to her spiritual leader and complete the requirements together.  If you have a religious affiliation that is not listed here, please speak to a Guider.  Once you have completed the requirements see our badge tester to earn your emblem.



These two webites are great resources for music.  On Becky's Guiding Resource, you'll find the lyrics to many of the songs we like to sing again and again.  On Tune Guide you can hear the songs sung.  You can download and print the Sing It Loud!  Guide song book to keep the lyrics for some of our favourite songs handy.


These resources are perfect for any Guide aiming to earn her Campfire Leader badge!