Map Your Community

Community mapping helps you visualize your community and focus on what’s going on where you live. Usually, community maps are made with a specific goal in mind, like learning about the strengths of a community, thinking about a community’s needs, understanding how parts of a community are connected, or focusing on community improvements.

Head outside for a walk around your community and sketch what you see. Then, work together to create a map!

What you'll need

  • Paper

  • Clipboard

  • Colouring Supplies

  • Larger Paper – poster paper, banner paper (optional)

  • Stickers (optional)

  • Tape (optional)

What to do

  1. Decide what area of your community you want to map. It should be walking distance from your home. It can be near your house, your favourite street, or near your favourite park.

  2. Back at home, use your notes and sketches to create a larger map of your community. Use poster paper, banner paper, or just a few sheets taped toge

ther. Start by sketching the land, including roads, parks, and other ground areas. Then add buildings, landmarks, and other features to your community map.

During the Meeting:

We will share our maps and discuss some follow-up questions.

Save your maps! Once we are all back together, we can see if we can connect our maps and make one big map.

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