Girl Guides During Wartime - Follow-Up Challenges

Attached are 2 additional challenges for our Girl Guides During Wartime escape room meeting. All guides can complete these challenges whether they attended the meeting or not.

Challenge #1: Girl Guides Wartime Crossword:

Throughout both WWI and WWII Girl Guides were working hard to help with the war effort. They not only assisted in the homes but also worked hard to do their part in the collection of materials which were often in low supply due to trade routes being cut off and the need to supply the soldiers with food, clothing, medical supplies, ammunition and weaponry.

To reveal the key for this task, you’ll need to correctly solve the crossword puzzle. All answers can be found by searching the area for posters which will have the information on them.

When you have completed the crossword puzzle. Find your keyword by placing the corresponding shaded letter on the dashed line.

Challenger #2: Rationing - World War II on the Home Front

The year is 1943. You are doing your part to help the war effort at home. Your job is to plan your meals for today (3 melas) for your family (family of 4). You are allowed to spend $2.00 and us 48 ration points.

**Completion of these challenges is optional

but will count as additional activities against badges! If you complete the activities email the completed sheets to a guider OR bring the completed sheets to an in person meeting.**

Download PDF • 2.17MB

Download PDF • 186KB

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