Making a Sit Upon

Sit Upons are essential for hikes, camps and any other outdoor activity that requires you to sit on the hard, damp or cold ground. They are cushioned, portable and waterproof.

There are a lot of ways to make a sit upon, but one of the easiest is as follows.


  • Several thicknesses of newspaper

  • A flannel backed plastic table cloth (from the dollar store)

  • Duck tape

  • Permanent makers (i.e. Sharpies)

You should be able to make 8 sit-upons from one 52" x 70" tablecloth.

  1. Fold the tablecloth in half width-wise and lay it on a flat surface. Face the side with the rounded corners closest to you. Using a marker and a long ruler, draw a line from the top of one rounded corner to the next to make a large rectangle.

  2. Next, using your newspaper as a guide, divide the rest of the tablecloth into four equal sections and mark the cutting lines with a marker.

  3. Cut along the lines you made. You should now have four long rectangles and two long pieces with rounded corners. Discard the pieces with rounded corners or use for another project.

  4. Cut one of the rectangles in half and lay it pattern side down. Lay your folded newspaper on top.

  5. Wrap the newspaper in the tablecloth, secure all four edges with duct tape.

  6. Using a small piece of duct tape, fashion a handle and secure it to the top of your sit-upon. You can use markers to personalize your sit-upon with your name, unit, etc.

Now you're ready for any outdoor adventure!

Guest Blogger Karen has been a Guider with the 146th Toronto Guides since 2004.


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